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Concrete transport truck pump, also known as boom concrete pump truck, is a conveying machine in which both concrete pump and hydraulic folding boom are installed on the chassis of a car or trailer, and a conveying pipe is laid along the boom, and finally concrete is output through the end hose. Because of the variable amplitude, folding and rotation functions of the boom, the construction personnel can distribute within the range within the reach of the boom.

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About Boom Pumps. Boom pumps are truck-mounted concrete pumps with multi-section folding booms that can reach more than 100-meters. They pump concrete at a controlled rate, precisely where it is needed in areas inaccessible to concrete trucks and thereby drastically reduce the cost of labor and speed up construction.

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63m concrete boom pump truck *** One click to start, the engine can be started and stopped remotely by wireless remote control, and the operateion is convenient. *** Optimize the delivery pipelines design, reduce the number of small enbows, and effectively prevent the blocking of pipes.

Boom Concrete Pump for Sale in Talenet - 14 ~ 57 Meters

With 32HP driving power, 4x8.25 tyres, combining concrete pumping and jib swinging mechanism, our new boom pump could be used for small projects very conveniently at much lower cost. It is the ideal concrete pumping device for buildings under 4-stories, whole machine could be driven back and forth, jibs could be easily stretched up to over 18 meters-price is not even a half of the traditional boom pump.

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Notes for concrete boom pump truck 1. After concrete placing boom runs into the construction site, the operator immediately gets off, commands vehicle safety into the construction site, pays attention to the sub-grade. 2. Open the boom frame and lower the hose test arm frame to see if there is any obstruction.

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At JB Commercial Concrete Pumping Services we know how important it is for contractors and builders to get the Job done no matter where the concrete needs to be poured.. When it comes to the hard to reach concrete locations in NYC and Long Island it only makes sense to Rent A Concrete Boom Pump or a Concrete Line-Pump depending on your needs for any particular job.

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BMU with Telescopic Jib. with big size, mostly installed on the roof of building. When several BMU can not be used to accomplish the cleaning of whole building, this type should be considered. Place of Origin: Hebei, China. Brand Name: CABR/M. Model Number: CWG250.

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:(A) Concrete pumps and placing booms hydraulic systems must have pressure relief valves to prevent cylinder and boom damage. (B) Hydraulic systems must have hydraulic holding valves if hose or coupling failure could result in uncontrolled vertical movement.

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/§#i±7j£$43TK Truck-mounted Concrete Boom Pump 43m Vehicle parameter Pumping System «4ft&£H!SSt Placing boom & outrigger SJ-f-Vehicle model •^-feS-^Registed series # JHBKfDimension(L xWxH) SI/lffiSTotal vehicle weight ilitfftiifiTheoretical throughput 52siS<S±J±2)Delivery pressure iii£5i£;J:iStstrokes Per minute ffi>MII*)S x fjgDelivery cylinder diameter & stroke length 5i£;!S!±#

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Advance Jib Structure Technology. 56m concrete boom pump truck at Jobsite. Features. Inquiry. Related Products. 63m concrete boom pump truck. China factory 37m 38m 42m 56m 63m concrete boom pump truck f. 25m concrete boom pump truck. 33m SINOTRUK HOWO concrete boom pump truck 5 sections.

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Dawin Small concrete boom pumps are competitive products. It is high reliability, high efficiency, high security, high durability at an organic whole, which with reasonable matching on Chassis, power, electrical, hydraulic, pumping system. Jib structures are …

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HMC5028 Truck Concrete Pump Boom is high reliability, high efficiency, high security, high durability at an organic whole, which with reasonable matching on Chassis, power, electrical, hydraulic, pumping system. Jib structures are flexible, support legs occupy small space, the trucks move easily, safe and stable, the vehicle is 2300mm or 2350mm wide with perfect passing ability.


The safety manual of concrete boom pumps have this statement right at the top. WARNING! Do not use the boom as a hoist or crane! And then it mentions other things like this: Concrete boom pump manufacturers forbid the practice. The tipping point of the machine, the size and spacing of the outriggers, the size of the foot and pads, the settings

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Oct 22, 2019 · Inside of the pump is going to be either a single piston, or a double piston apparatus, that allows the concrete, in its liquid form, to be brought in. This is extracted from the hopper, the place where the concrete is waiting, to be distributed. As one pump extracts the concrete, the other one will push the concrete out onto the boom or simply

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Area of rotation: Freestanding and mast-style jib cranes offer 360-degree rotation; wall-mounted cranes offer 180-degree rotation. Height Under Boom: The distance from floor to underside of jib crane's boom is the height under boom. Also factor in hoist size and lifting height needed. Overall jib crane height: Factor in any attachments, such as electrical entry, so that the crane will be

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The HMC series Truck-mounted Concrete Boom Pump is a specially designed product among the middle and short arm pump truck, fill in the blank of truck-mounted concrete boom bump with short and medium jib structure. It is a high efficient concrete conveying equipment integrating driving, pumping, placing. Application industry: Concrete / Cement

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A telescopic boom-mounted concrete pump is provided wherein a telescoping boom assembly is pivotally and rotatably mounted on the platform of the truck. The boom assembly includes inner, intermediate and outer boom members. A first concrete conduit which is in fluid communication with a source of pressurized concrete is mounted at one side of the inner boom member for movement …

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Luffing jib tower crane, which is generally used in the construction of steel structure, and it is flexible than other tower cranes, and also known as pitching tower crane, from industrial buildings to civil building, from repairing yard to port wharf, from the steel structure to the power station construction, this type tower crane played a huge role.

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